Omnia Pacific Construction helped introduce modern concrete overlays to California as a way to transform costly asphalt parking lots, retail parcels, dumpster pads and industrial lots into attractive, long-lasting concrete surfaces.

Our innovative, money-saving makeovers for asphalt parking lots and retail pads pour a thin layer of concrete onto pavement, creating a beautiful, durable surface that shrinks maintenance costs, cuts energy use and improves safety.

  • Concrete lasts three to five times longer than asphalt and eliminates the need for frequent seal coats and pothole repairs, improving your bottom line.
  • Omnia Pacific’s economical concrete overlays look more attractive than asphalt and stay cooler in Southern California’s hot weather, cutting your energy costs by absorbing less heat and reducing air-conditioning needs in nearby buildings.
  • The brighter concrete surface also better reflects nighttime lighting, which improves customer safety and trims your lighting costs.

“Concrete overlays are long-life, durable solutions, resulting in fewer replacement and repair cycles and related costs, and fewer resources, energy and raw materials used over time.”

National Concrete Pavement Technology Center