Keeping Up Appearances: 3 Things to Keep Your Property Looking its Best this Summer


It’s officially summertime, and while some are focused on getting their bodies in shape, they may be neglecting their property. But there’s no reason why your property shouldn’t be looking its best during this season, and Omnia Pacific Construction is here to help. From landscaping to pressure washing to trash disposal, our Property Pros will keep your building looking fresh as the weather heats up. Trash Maintenance An often-overlooked aspect of property ownership is trash disposal. From trash chutes to dumpsters and waste bins, unclean disposal systems contain harmful bacteria, unpleasant odors, and unsightly pests. Worse yet [...]

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Is Your Building Ready For the Wave of EVs?


You may have noticed a change in the air and on the road. The new wave of electric vehicles is coming. President Joe Biden recently signed an executive order mandating that 50 percent of all new vehicles sold in 2030 (just eight short years from now) qualify as zero-emission vehicles. The legislation is a part of a global push for countries to become more eco-friendly. It’s also a telltale sign of where trends are headed in the U.S. auto market. The question then becomes, is your company equipped to handle the influx of electric vehicles on the horizon? While [...]

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Clean Home, Happy Tenants


For the residents who live there, a multifamily building is more than just a place to dwell — it’s home. When one thinks of home they think of safety and security, but your property could be riddled with potential risks. They can exist anywhere, from high traffic areas littered with filth to unclean trash chutes contributing to poor air quality throughout the building. Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle these problems alone. Omnia Pacific Construction can help increase the overall wellness, cleanliness and health of your property inside and out. DAY PORTER SERVICES Identifying potential problems before they occur [...]

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The Dangers of a Dirty Trash Chute


Have you ever thought about what happens when the doors of a trash chute are opened?  It’s definitely something you should be thinking about and be aware of. Recent studies have discovered the inner surface of a chute can carry more than 30 different biological and bacterial growths. If a trash chute doesn’t receive proper and timely cleaning care, all of these germs and bacteria become airborne every time the chute doors are opened. These bacteria carry all kinds of illnesses and infections throughout the building, potentially affecting occupants. Harmful Pathogens Trash chutes are breeding grounds for some harmful fungal [...]

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Landlord Responsibility in ADA Lawsuits


A federal district court in Northern California has determined that landlords need to be more proactive when it comes to the accessibility of their tenant spaces. Historically, commercial landlords have not concerned themselves with areas outside of their own exterior common area because their leases state that the tenant is responsible for ADA compliance. In this case, the court agreed that although the ADA allows landlords and tenants to allocate the responsibility for compliance between themselves, both parties are liable for violations in leased spaces with respect to persons with disabilities who are denied access. Both the landlord and tenant [...]

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A Clean Sweep: Omnia Pacific Construction Earns IREM and BOMA Awards


Company's Associates Receive Industry Honors for Partner of the Year, Associate of the Year TORRANCE, CA - (January 15, 2023) – Omnia Pacific Construction, one of Southern California’s largest and most trusted commercial property maintenance companies, recently earned three of the industry’s most prestigious honors from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA): Partner of the Year from IREM’s San Diego chapter for Omnia Pacific Construction/Business Developer Ben Arvizu Associate of the Year from IREM’s Inland Empire chapter for Area Manager Jaime Ramirez Associate of the Year from BOMA’s San Diego [...]

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Top 10 ADA Violations in California


Based on information from lawsuits filed against The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) violations, as required by California Senate Bill 1186, the California Commission on Disability Access (CCDA) has compiled the following list: Top Ten Alleged Construction Issues (Jul-Dec 2019) Rank Description % 1 Access Height of Goods, Support, Services, and Equipment: Heights of surfaces such as counters, bars, or tables are not compliant. 21 2 Exterior Path of Travel – Pathway: Routes to and from parking lot or public right of way are not accessible. May include uneven surfaces or lack of detectable warnings. 11 3 Number [...]

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How Pedestrian Access Provides Protection from Lawsuits


Accessible routes for pedestrians are an ongoing debate for commercial and office retail spaces,  although the requirement for a property owner to have accessible routes from the public walking path to connecting all buildings on the site is part of the 2013 California Building Code. The question arises when a site only has a vehicular access point from the building entrance to the facility, and whether or not there should be pedestrian access. Most property owners believe that if a concrete or asphalt path is the access point between buildings in a facility, they are not responsible for providing [...]

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Post Construction Cleanup Can Be A Mess


Post-construction cleanup can mean a few different things, depending on the nature of the tenant improvements and the obligations of the builder. But whatever the scenario, the bottom line is that a facility needs to get back to normal for business to resume. Some contractors have been known to leave large items at a construction site. These can be pallets, cement blocks, discarded wood, demolition debris, piles of dirt, and things you cannot imagine. It will happen more often than you think. If your construction contract does not spell out who cleans the mess, you have a problem on [...]

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California Steps Up Enforcement of Stormwater Management Violations


As concerns about the environment continue to rise, California has increased their efforts to hold businesses accountable for violations. To reduce pollutants entering natural waterways and public water systems, the state has expanded the role of the California Water Boards regarding industrial stormwater runoff. Pursuant to Senate Bill 205, the state Water Code now requires all eligible businesses renewing or applying for a business license to prove enrollment in a stormwater management program. It essentially makes it easier to catch violators by reviewing stormwater practices for all relevant businesses rather than performing random checks. The list of affected businesses [...]

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