The Dangers of a Dirty Trash Chute


Have you ever thought about what happens when the doors of a trash chute are opened?  It’s definitely something you should be thinking about and be aware of. Recent studies have discovered the inner surface of a chute can carry more than 30 different biological and bacterial growths. If a trash chute doesn’t receive proper and timely cleaning care, all of these germs and bacteria become airborne every time the chute doors are opened. These bacteria carry all kinds of illnesses and infections throughout the building, potentially affecting occupants. Harmful Pathogens Trash chutes are breeding grounds for some harmful fungal pathogens; [...]

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Multifamily Maintenance: Tips For Contracting Services


Although they are commercial properties, multifamily facilities fall into a unique category with regard to upkeep. Unlike most commercial properties for business use, these properties are occupied continuously. Multifamily maintenance requires a wider range of skills and resident diplomacy, whether a high-rise apartment building, sprawling garden style community, condominiums, or townhouse community. Multifamily properties typically have more paying tenants to keep satisfied. The demands on common areas and amenities also tend to be higher. The lifestyles of the occupants tend to follow less rigid patterns of behavior, whereas business tenants more closely follow a uniform code of behavior. Working [...]

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The Basics of Linen Chutes and Installation


The construction of linen chutes for commercial use is a modern necessity for an operation such as a senior living facility, hotel, hospitality business, multifamily high-rise, or industrial facility. These convenient conduits can be installed inside internal building shafts or as external structures. While relatively simple in design they feature several elements that require construction expertise. Placing linen chute access points on upper floors allow for the easy transport of dirty laundry down to a central location, often directly into the laundry facility. Dirty and odorous linen can avoid elevators and other common areas. This also prevents potential injury [...]

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Industrial Trash Chute Installation


When it comes to managing trash collection at a facility, good logistics can make a huge difference. Small problems compound easily when taken to a large scale at places such as a multifamily apartment, high-rise office, hotel, or sports stadium. Trash chutes can make a big impact on many levels. They can improve facility cleanliness, air quality, labor costs, and even workplace safety. Multifamily residences are unique in this category as tenants of all ages are most likely to be accessing the trash chute door. Safety is a top priority. The first step is to make sure that the [...]

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Clean Home, Happy Tenants


For the residents who live there, a multifamily building is more than just a place to dwell — it’s home. When one thinks of home they think of safety and security, but your property could be riddled with potential risks. They can exist anywhere, from high traffic areas littered with filth to unclean trash chutes contributing to poor air quality throughout the building. Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle these problems alone. Omnia Pacific Construction can help increase the overall wellness, cleanliness and health of your property inside and out. DAY PORTER SERVICES Identifying potential problems before they occur [...]

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Staying Ahead of ‘The Great Relocation’


As the world continues to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, many commercial building owners and shopping center managers are feeling optimistic for a return to pre-pandemic conditions. And with that expectation comes an emerging trend in which tenants are seeking out new locations that offer superior leases and amenities. We call it, “The Great Relocation.” After successfully weathering a global pandemic, now is not the time to get left behind. Restoring your property to its pre-COVID shine should be of utmost importance in order to retain your current tenants and gain new ones. Luckily for you, Omnia Pacific Construction [...]

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Holiday Trash: ‘Tis The Season To Clean Your Trash Chute


IMPROVE SATISFACTION & COMPLIANCE: CLEAN THAT TRASH CHUTE Daily trash output increases more than twenty-five percent between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, according to some estimates. Consider all of the extra food waste, party cleanups, and packaging that gets thrown into the burgeoning trash bin, just like a portly Santa Claus squeezing down the chimney. Bulky packaging often clogs the chute and blocks the clean flow of garbage into the bin. Then food waste piles on top and splashes along the walls in an oozing mess. Or the trash accumulates so high that garbage blocks the chute. These [...]

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