Omnia Pacific Construction specializes in new facades, expert painting and innovative upgrades that revitalize tired shopping centers, improve leaseability and help draw in more customers, drive stronger sales and improve curb appeal.

When your center or businesses is more than 5 years old and needs a makeover, we offer high-caliber workmanship for all facets of the job.

Our design services, cost-conscious budgeting and permit-process experience make us your one-stop shop for all refresh and remodel needs.


  • Fascia patch & paint
  • Exterior painting
  • Curb line painting
  • Slurry & seal
  • Re-striping of parking lot
  • Awning wash
  • Parking lot makeovers

“Omnia Pacific gave our outdated shopping center a brand new look that customers and tenants love.”

Steve Hunt
Shopping Center Owner