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Trash chute cleaning



Daily trash output increases more than twenty-five percent between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, according to some estimates. Consider all of the extra food waste, party cleanups, and packaging that gets thrown into the burgeoning trash bin, just like a portly Santa Claus squeezing down the chimney.

Bulky packaging often clogs the chute and blocks the clean flow of garbage into the bin. Then food waste piles on top and splashes along the walls in an oozing mess. Or the trash accumulates so high that garbage blocks the chute. These are all common problems that occur this time of year.

High-rise commercial properties and multifamily residences are the worst offenders. Irregular holiday trash pickups and facility staff vacation schedules compound the problem. If left unchecked, these sanitation problems can create cascading issues for property managers.

Here are some of the top reasons why professionally servicing your trash chute is highly recommended, especially at the beginning of the year.


Trash chutes are the perfect breeding ground for pests. Cockroaches, flies, maggots, mice, rats, raccoons, and all kinds of other pests thrive in dirty trash environments. These conditions offer everything pests need: food, humidity, darkness, privacy, and accessibility. Roaches and rodents can even use filthy chutes to climb from floor to floor, taking their infestation to a higher level. At the lower level, the area immediately around a dirty trash bin can become a breeding ground for these pests. In no time, a building could be facing a full-blown infestation.


There are more than 30 types of bacteria and biological growths that commonly occur in uncleaned trash chutes. These growths and other accumulated waste thrown down the chute can lead to repulsive odors that permeate the building. Occupants will soon be dealing with the lingering smell of dirty trash. 


If neglected, some trash chutes can start to show serious damage. Corrosive bacteria and acids can line the walls of a dirty trash chute. These elements can destroy protective finishes and weaken fasteners, leading to structural damage of the chute. Not only will you be dealing with pests and odor, but you will eventually have to replace the chute. Regulations also require properly functioning discharge doors, which limit the spread of odors and serve as fire breaks between floors. 


While smell can be an indicator, unclean garbage chutes can create poor air quality throughout a building. Airborne spores and mold can develop in this environment and spread from floor to floor with each opening of a chute door. Toxic conditions can lead to illness among building occupants and visitors. Also consider tenant satisfaction and occupancy retention. Less tenant turnover leads to higher operating income for property companies.


Damaged chute doors are a common problem, especially among older buildings. Doors that do not close completely can offer a permanent passageway to unwanted odors, molds, and pests. Unclosed chute doors can also create fire hazards and leave your building vulnerable to safety code violations and fines. NFPA 82 requires an annual inspection and certification of chute intake and discharge doors.

Since 1987, Omnia Pacific Construction has provided a full range of building and common area maintenance for customers throughout California. Professional trash chute services include free inspections, steam cleaning, high-pressure washing, chute repair, full replacement, door maintenance, eco-friendly enzyme solutions, innovative odor blockers, and industry safe practices.

After a month of especially hard use, now is the time to refresh your building’s trash facilities. Call the property professionals now at Omnia Pacific Construction to discuss and evaluate your specific cleaning needs.


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